A narrow notch or groove, as on a door or piece of furniture. Also:

(Australian rules football, rugby union) A position in a team’s defensive backfield; a player who primarily covers shorter routes such as slants and outs. Also known as a nickel back or slot corner.

On a slot machine, the Credit or Bet indicator is a small light that flashes when change is needed, hand pay requested or a problem with the machine has been detected. In video slots, this is usually a seven-segment display or similar, and may be stylized to suit the game’s theme and user interface.

In video slot machines, multiple paylines can be triggered by landing symbols on adjacent reels. This increases the likelihood of winning combinations and may increase the total amount of money awarded if certain combinations are made. Reels on mechanical slot machines typically have one, three or five paylines; video slots often have 9, 15, 25 or even 1024 different paylines.

A method of scheduling tasks and events using time periods or “slots.” Companies can use slot-based scheduling to track urgent deadlines and set project milestones more efficiently. In addition to providing a sense of urgency, slot-based schedules can help businesses improve overall productivity by reducing scheduling conflicts.