Poker is a family of card games in which players compete to make the best hand. Each player has a specific number of cards (usually between five and seven), and wagers on a hand according to the game rules. The oldest known version of poker was played with 20 cards, but most modern variations use a standard deck. Some countries use a shorter deck for play, which is known as short pack poker. Each game differs slightly in the deck configuration, number of cards in play, and cards shared by all players. However, all poker games involve one or more rounds of betting.

Before a game begins, players place an ante (a small bet that forces each player to make a bet) and wait for the dealer to deal each player their first two cards. The dealer will then shuffle and cut the cards. After each player has received two cards, they must decide whether to bet, check, raise, or fold their hand.

There are several basic hand combinations in 5-card poker, including a flush and a straight. A straight is five cards in sequence, while a flush is five cards of the same suit.