The word “slot” comes from the late 14c., when it was used to refer to a hollow in the throat, above the breastbone. The word is thought to have its origin in Old French, but it is also related to the Old Norse word slod. The word first appeared in English in the 1520s, but the word “slot” as a word for a slot machine appears only in the 1880s.

A slot is a favored position for wingers because it presents a clear view of the net, allowing them to shoot accurately with little to no deflection. This type of position is also often used for wrist shots, because defenders often lay big hits on smaller wingers in the slot. The term “slot” has many other meanings and is a part of the game that needs to be understood. This article explores some of the more common uses of the term.

As a workman, Bill Totts was a true denizen of the South of the Slot. He had a genuine hatred for scabs, and was as class conscious as the average workman. Nevertheless, his love of gambling was too strong for him to resist. This was a time when he wished to play the good guy and be a wastrel for one last time. He did that by playing slot machines. His money was transformed into chewing-gum or a chocolate tablet.