Casinos are a blast of sensory overload. Glittering lights, the sound of slot machines clinking, and the scent of excitement fill every inch of the space. The pulsing energy is almost palpable – making it easy for anyone to fall under its spell. And then there’s the food, drink, entertainment, and luxurious living quarters that make casinos a world all their own. These amenities and experiences are designed to appeal to a variety of different emotions, from fear and boredom to pleasure and thrill. And it’s these feelings that attract and keep people coming back for more.

A casino has a number of built-in advantages that ensure its profitability. Every game offered has a mathematical expectancy of winning, and it’s rare that the results will not match up. So even if a patron wins big, the house still comes out ahead. It’s also why casinos regularly offer high-wagering patrons extravagant inducements like free spectacular entertainment, elegant living quarters, and transportation.

Despite the negative connotations associated with gambling, it’s a highly popular activity. In fact, according to the American Gaming Association, about 51 million Americans over 21 visited a casino in 2002. And that’s just domestically. Many more people visit casinos in countries across the globe. Whether your casino is a local landmark or an international destination, these tried-and-true marketing strategies will boost your discoverability, drive traffic, and encourage repeat visits.